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Twenty-first century environmental challenges provide an opportunity to re-examine traditional regulatory issues like environmental performance and cost, as well as to address often overlooked concerns, such as procedural fairness, environmental justice, and distributional questions. Resources for the Future seeks to improve regulatory outcomes by evaluating the performance of environmental regulations and programs, comparing alternative regulatory approaches, and refining analytical techniques for regulatory analysis.  RFF scholars employ a diverse set of approaches to these issues, including risk and uncertainty analysis, policy analysis, and economic tools like cost-benefit analysis.
What the Experts Say about the Environmental Risks of Shale Gas Development
A new RFF report highlights a high degree of consensus among experts from government, industry, academia, and nongovernmental organizations about the key risks associated with shale gas production and development.
Does Speculation Drive Oil Prices?
Resources magazine: Research on the forces behind the 2004–2008 dramatic spike in oil price challenges the common perception that excessive speculation in the futures market is to blame.
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Book Review - Water policy reform: Lessons in sustainability from the Murray-Darling Basin
Yusuke Kuwayama
Journal of Natural Resources Policy Research | Vol. 5, No. 4 | pp. 273-274
Floodplain Conservation as a Flood Mitigation Strategy: Examining Costs and Benefits
Kousky, C. and M. Walls
Ecological Economics | 104 | pp. 119-128 | Related Discussion Paper 13-22-REV
Managing shoreline retreat: a US perspective
Carolyn Kousky
Climatic Change | March 2014
Designing cost-efficient surveillance for early-detection and control of multiple invading species
R. Epanchin-Niell, E. Brockerhoff, J. Kean, and J. Turner
Ecological Applications | 2014
A Dynamic Model of Cleanup: Estimating Sunk Costs in Oil and Gas Production
Lucija Anna Muehlenbachs
RFF Discussion Paper 12-12-REV | December 2013
Does Federal Disaster Assistance Crowd Out Private Demand for Insurance?
Carolyn Kousky, Erwann O. Michel-Kerjan, and Paul Raschky
Risk Management and Decision Processes Center The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania 2013-10 | October 2013
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