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In addition to an active portfolio of research focused on risk, markets, and regulation, RFF’s Centers of Excellence focus RFF’s research in key areas.
Conducts new research on domestic climate change mitigation policies—with an emphasis on the US electricity market—while building upon a legacy of analysis of climate change adaptation and global mitigation strategies. Topics include:
  • Carbon in Natural Systems
  • Carbon Pricing
  • Clean Air Act
  • Climate Adaptation
  • Electricity
  • Energy Efficiency (in collaboration with CEEP)
  • International Climate Policy
  • Renewable and Clean Energy (in collaboration with CEEP)
  • State and Regional Policies
Conducts research to help policymakers understand the efficiency and effectiveness of legislative, regulatory, and other options for the sustainable development of energy resources. Topics include:
  • China
  • Deepwater Drilling
  • Energy Efficiency (in collaboration with CCEP)
  • Renewable and Clean Energy (in collaboration with CCEP)
  • Shale Gas
  • Transportation
  • US Energy Policies
Works with practitioners and policymakers to incorporate ecological science into public policies and inform resource management decisions that protect, enhance, and manage the social benefits of natural systems. Topics include:
  • Conservation
  • Ecosystem Services
  • Environmental Markets
  • Forest Economics and Policy Program (FEPP)
  • Governance and Regulation
  • Green GDP
  • Valuation, Data, and Methods
  • Water
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