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William A. Pizer
Associate Professor, Sanford School of Public Policy, and Faculty Fellow, Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions
Fellow, Resources for the Future, 1996 - present.
Senior Staff Economist, National Commission on Energy Policy, 2002 - present.
Senior Staff Economist, Council of Economic Advisers, 2001 - 2002.
Visiting Scholar, Stanford University, 2000 - 2001.
Visiting Assistant Professor, The Johns Hopkins University, 1997 - 1999.
Researcher and Teaching Fellow, Harvard University, 1992 - 1996.
Editorial Activities:
Member, Second Generation Model (SGM) Review Panel, Science Advisory Board, U.S. E.P.A.
Lead Author, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Working Group III, Fourth Assessment Report, Chapter 11, 2004-2006.
Outside Reviewer for U.S. Government, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Working Group III, Third Assessment Report, Chapters 2 and 7, June 2000.
Contributing Author, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Working Group III, Third Assessment Report, Chapter 6, October 1999.
Assistant Reviewer, Energy Information Administration, "Analysis of the Kyoto Protocol," July 1998.
Panels and Symposiums:
Panelist, Meridian International Institute, Forum on a Greenhouse Gas Accounting System, Washington, D.C., July 2002.
Panelist, MIT Global Climate Change Forum, Forces Pushing For Convergence, June 2002.
Panelist, The Control of Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Policy Options and Technology Requirements, Society of Automotive Engineers, May 2002.
Panelist, "Role of Cost Benefit Analysis in Developing Environmental Policy," Environmental Law Institute, Ward Kershaw Environmental Symposium: Developing Environmental Policy in the Shadow of the War on Terrorism, April 2002.
Participant, Ecological Forecasting Working Group, University of California at Santa Barbara, October 2000.
Climate Policy Discussions, State of Israel, Ministry of Environment, November 1999.
Invited Speaker, 6th Ulvön Conference on Environmental Economics, Sweden, June 1999.
Participant, Johns Hopkins University Workshop on Evaluating Tradeoffs and Risk in Integrated Assessment, June 1998.
Discussant, "Total Resource Productivity: Accounting for Changing Environmental Quality" (by Frank Gollop and Gregory Swinand), National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) Conference on Research in Income and Wealth, March 1998.
Featured Publications
The Road to Paris and Beyond: Comparing Emissions Mitigation Efforts
Joseph E. Aldy, William A. Pizer
Resources | 2015 (189)
Terminating Links between Emission Trading Programs
William A. Pizer, Andrew J. Yates
RFF Discussion Paper 14-28 | August 2014
Goings On: Highlights of RFF's Recent Contributions to Shaping Environmental Policy
Molly K. Macauley, James W. Boyd, Karen L. Palmer, Dallas Burtraw, P. Lynn Scarlett, William A. Pizer, Richard D. Morgenstern
Resources | 2013 (184)
How Should Benefits and Costs Be Discounted in an Intergenerational Context? The Views of an Expert Panel
Kenneth J. Arrow, Maureen L. Cropper, Christian Gollier, Ben Groom, Geoffrey Heal, Richard G. Newell, William Nordhaus, Robert S. Pindyck, William A. Pizer, Paul R. Portney, Thomas Sterner, Richard S.J. Tol, Martin L. Weitzman
RFF Discussion Paper 12-53 | December 2012
Carbon Markets: Past, Present, and Future
Richard G. Newell, William A. Pizer, Daniel Raimi
RFF Discussion Paper 12-51 | December 2012
Voluntary Environmental Regulation in Developing Countries: Mexico's Clean Industry Program
Allen Blackman, Bidisha Lahiri, William A. Pizer, Marisol Rivera Planter, Carlos Muñoz Piña
RFF Discussion Paper 07-36-REV | August 2010
Related journal article
Designing Climate Mitigation Policy
Joseph E. Aldy, Alan J. Krupnick, Richard G. Newell, Ian W.H. Parry, William A. Pizer
RFF Discussion Paper 08-16 | May 2009
Related journal article
Managing Costs in a U.S. Greenhouse Gas Trading Program: A Workshop Summary
Marika Tatsutani, William A. Pizer
RFF Discussion Paper 08-23 | July 2008
The Performance of Voluntary Climate Programs: Climate Wise and 1605(b)
William A. Pizer, Richard D. Morgenstern, Jhih-Shyang Shih
RFF Discussion Paper 08-13-REV | July 2008
Related journal article
Balancing Cost and Emissions Certainty: An Allowance Reserve for Cap-and-Trade
Brian C. Murray, Richard G. Newell, William A. Pizer
RFF Discussion Paper 08-24 | July 2008
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