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Winston Harrington
Senior Fellow
Winston Harrington's research interests include urban transportation, motor vehicles and air quality, and problems of estimating the costs of environmental policy. He has worked extensively on the economics of enforcing environmental regulations, the health benefits derived from improved air quality, the costs of waterborne disease outbreaks, endangered species policy, federal rulemaking procedures, and the economics of outdoor recreation.  
Featured Publications
Promoting Innovative Climate Adaptation through Federalism
Winston Harrington
Issue Brief 10-17 | August 2010
Reforming Regulatory Impact Analysis
Winston Harrington, Lisa Heinzerling, Richard D. Morgenstern
RFF Report | March 2009
Marginal Social Cost Pricing on a Transportation Network: Comparison of Second-Best Policies
Elena A. Safirova, Sebastien Houde, Winston Harrington
RFF Discussion Paper 07-52 | January 2008
Spatial Development and Energy Consumption
Elena A. Safirova, Sebastien Houde, Winston Harrington
RFF Discussion Paper 07-51 | December 2007
Washington START Transportation Model
Sebastien Houde, Elena A. Safirova, Winston Harrington
RFF Discussion Paper 07-43 | November 2007
Automobile Externalities and Policies
Winston Harrington, Ian Parry, and Margaret Walls
Journal of Economic Literature | 2007 | Vol. XLV | pp. 374-400 | Related Discussion Paper 06-26
Fees in an Imperfect World: An Application to Motor Vehicle Emissions
Amy W. Ando, Winston Harrington, Virginia D. McConnell
RFF Discussion Paper 07-34 | June 2007
View All Related Publications
Methods for Estimating the Economic Value of Human Health Benefits from Environmental Improvement
Michael A. Toman and Winston Harrington
U.S. Agency for International Development (AID) Conference on Environmental Valuation | AID | Bialowiecka, Poland | May 29, 1994
Economic Incentive Policies under Uncertainty: The Case of Vehicle Emission Fees
Winston Harrington, Virginia McConnell, and Anna Alberini
1996 Seventh Annual Conference | European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists | Lisbon, Portugal | June 1, 1996
Fleet Turnover and Old Car Scrap Policies
Anna Alberini, Winston Harrington, and Virginia D. McConnell
American Economic Association (AEA) Annual Meeting | AEA | San Francisco, CA | January 1, 1996
Economic Incentive Policies and Uncertainty in Policies to Reduce Vehicle Emissions
Winston Harrington, Virginia McConnell, and Anna Alberini
Southern Economic Association (SEA) Meeting | SEA | New Orleans, LA | November 1, 1995
Who's in the Driver's Seat? Mobile Source Policy in the Federal System
Virginia D. McConnell
Symposium on Economic Aspects of Environmental Policy Making in a Federal System | Leuven, Belgium | June 1, 1995
The Cost Effectiveness of Remote Sensing of Motor Vehicle Emissions
Virginia D. McConnell and Winston Harrington
Conference on Urban Smog | Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago | Chicago, IL | June 1, 1993
The Diffusion of New Technologies: A Microeconomic Analysis of Firm Decision Making at the Plant Level
Raymond J. Kopp, Winston Harrington, Richard D. Morgenstern, William A. Pizer, and Jhih-Shyang Shih
National Bureau of Economic Research Summer Institute | Cambridge, MA | August 3, 1998
Air Quality and the Value of Health in Taiwan
Alan J. Krupnick, Anna Alberini, Maureen Cropper, and Winston Harrington
Eastern Economics Association (EEA) Annual Meeting | EEA | Boston, MA | March 1, 1994
Air Pollution and Acute Health Effects: New Evidence
Alan J. Krupnick and Winston Harrington
Environmental Law Institute (ELI)/U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Joint Seminar Series | ELI/EPA | November 20, 1986
Lung Function as a Risk Factor for Acute Respiratory Disease: An Epidemiological Study
Alan J. Krupnick and Winston Harrington
78th Annual Meeting of the Air Pollution Control Association (APCA) | APCA | Detroit, MI | June 1, 1985
Equity and Efficiency in the Promulgation of Federal Regulations: The Case of EPA's Effluent Discharge Standards
Alan J. Krupnick and Winston Harrington
American Economic Association (AEA) Conference | AEA | Denver, CO | September 1, 1980
Regulatory Rulemaking in Theory and Practice: The Case of EPA's Effluent Guidelines
Alan J. Krupnick, Wesley A. Magat and Winston Harrington
Western Economic Association (WEA) Meetings | WEA | San Diego, CA | June 1, 1980
Effects of Urban Density on Vehicle Use and Ownership
Alan J. Krupnick, Winston Harrington and Margaret Walls
American Economic Association (AEA), 2002 Annual Meetings | AEA | Atlanta, GA | April 4, 2002
Economies of Scale in Community Water Systems
Jhih-Shyang Shih, Winston Harrington, William A. Pizer, and Kenneth T. Gillingham.
Invited Speaker, 36th Annual Regulatory Policy Conference | Institute of Public Utilities, Michigan State University | Charleston, South Carolina. | December 7, 2004
Public Transit and the Road Pricing: Virtues of the Virtuous Circle
Elena Safirova
Transportation Research Board Mettings | Washington, DC | January 23, 2006
Transit in Washington DC: Current Benefits and Optimal Level of Provision
Winston Harrington
Conference in honor of Ken Small | University of California, Irvine | Irvine, CA | February 4, 2006
On the Value of Transit in the Washington, DC Area
Winston Harrington
Briefing: Dependence on Oil: How Transit Can Help Americans Reduce Energy Consumption | Environmental and Energy Study Institute/American Public Transit Institute | Washington, DC | March 8, 2006
A Small Cordon in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush: Long-Term Consequences of Road Pricing
Elena Safirova
86th Annual Meeting of Transportation Research Board (TRB) | TRB | Washington DC | January 24, 2007
Congestion Pricing: Long-Term Economic and Land Use Effects
Elena Safirova
First International Conference on Funding Transportation Infrastructure | Banff, AB Canada | August 2, 2006
Spatial Development and Energy Consumption
Elena Safirova
Conference on Urban and Regional Policy and Its Effects | George Washington University, Brookings Institution, and Urban Institute | Brookings Institution, Washington, DC | March 30, 2007
Congestion Pricing and Land Use Change
Elena Safirova
Framing Land Use Dynamics II | Utrecht University | Utrecht University | April 20, 2007
Marginal Social Cost Pricing on a Transportation Network: Comparison of Second-Best Policies
Elena Safirova
Meetings of North American Regional Science Association | NARSC | Savannah, GA | November 10, 2007
Public Transit and Road Pricing: the Virtues of the Virtuous Circle
Elena Safirova
2005 North American Meetings of the Regional Science Association | RSAI | Las Vegas, Nevada | November 12, 2005
Distribution and Regulatory Cost Analysis: Tracking Economic Impacts across Society
Elena Safirona, Sandra Hoffmann, and Winston Harrington
Society for Risk Analysis Annual Meeting | Society for Risk Analysis | Baltimore, MD | December 7, 2009
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