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Joshua Linn
Senior Fellow
2009 EPA Brownfields Grant (Co-PI)
2008 Pfizer research grant (with Robert Kaestner)
2008 Member, Sloan Air Cleaning Industry Center (startup grant)
2006 Winner, Best Presentation at the Heartland Environmental and Resource Economics Workshop
2005 Graduate Fellowship, Center for Environmental Policy Research, and the Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change
2000-2004 Jacob K. Javits Graduate Fellowship
2000 Graduated magna cum laude, with distinction in the major
Journal Referee:
American Economic Review
BE Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy
Energy Economics
The Economic Journal
Forum for Health Economics and Policy
Journal of Political Economy
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management
Regional Science and Urban Economics
Review of Economics and Statistics
2008 Industrial Organization, Environmental Economics (UIC)
2007 Graduate Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, Environmental Economics (UIC)
2006 Intermediate Macroeconomics, Industrial Organization, Graduate Microeconomics (UIC)
2005 Intermediate Macroeconomics (UIC)
2004 Introductory Calculus (MIT)
2002-2003 Teaching Assistant for Introductory Macroeconomics (Harvard Summer School)
Trannon Mosher (Masters thesis advisor, 2009-2010)
James Merrick (Masters thesis advisor, 2009-2010)
Jared Franz (PhD thesis committee member, 2007-2008)
Xin Fang (PhD thesis committee member, 2006-2008)
Featured Publications
Gasoline Taxes and Consumer Behavior
Shanjun Li, Joshua Linn, and Erich Muehlegger
American Economic Journal: Economic Policy
Regulating Greenhouse Gases in the Electricity Sector under the Clean Air Act
Joshua Linn, Erin Mastrangelo, and Dallas Burtraw
Journal of the Association for Environmental and Resource Economics | Spring/Summer 2014 | Vol. 1, No. 1/2 | pp. 97-134 | Related Discussion Paper 13-05
Renewable Electricity Policy, Intermittency, and Cost-Effectiveness
Harrison Fell and Joshua Linn
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management | Vol. 66(3): 688-707 | Related Discussion Paper 12-54
Fuel Prices and New Vehicle Fuel Economy—Comparing the United States and Western Europe
Thomas Klier and Joshua Linn
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management | Vol. 66(2) | pp. 280-300 | Related Discussion Paper 11-37
The Effect of Voluntary Brownfields Programs on Nearby Property Values: Evidence from Illinois
Joshua Linn
Journal of Urban Economics | Vol. 78 | pp. 1-18 | Related Discussion Paper 12-35
Evaluating “Cash-for-Clunkers: Program Effects on Auto Sales and the Environment
Shanjun Li, Joshua Linn, and Elisheba Spiller
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management | 2013 | Vol. 65(2) | pp. 175-193 | Related Discussion Paper 10-39-REV
New Vehicle Characteristics and the Cost of the Corporate Average Fuel Economy Standard
Thomas Klier and Joshua Linn
RAND Journal of Economics | 2012 | Vol. 43 (1) | pp. 186-213 | Related Discussion Paper 10-50
Corporate Average Fuel Economy Standards and the Market for New Vehicles
Thomas Klier and Joshua Linn
Annual Review of Resource Economics | 2011 | v3 | pp. 445-62 | Related Discussion Paper 10-68
Incentives of Carbon Dioxide Regulation for Investment in Low-Carbon Electricity Technologies in Texas
Anya Castillo and Joshua Linn
Energy Policy | Vol. 39, No. 3 | pp. 1831-1844
The Price of Gasoline and New Vehicle Fuel Economy: Evidence from Monthly Sales Data
Joshua Linn and Thomas Klier
American Economic Journal: Economic Policy | Vol. 2 (3) | pp. 134-53
Who Pays for Cleaner Air? Evidence from the Nitrogen Oxides Budget Trading Program
Joshua Linn
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management | Vol. 59, No. 1 | pp. 1-14
The Effect of Cap-and-Trade Programs on Firms’ Profits: Evidence from the Nitrogen Oxides Budget Trading Program
Joshua Linn
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management | 2010 | Vol. 59, No. 1. | pp. 1-14.
Energy Prices and the Adoption of Energy-Saving Technology
Joshua Linn
Economic Journal | Vol. 118 | pp. 1986-2012
Technological Modifications in the Nitrogen Oxides Tradable Permit Program
Joshua Linn
Energy Journal | Vol. 29, No. 3. | 153-176.
Market Size in Innovation: Theory and Evidence from the Pharmaceutical Industry
Daron Acemoglu and Joshua Linn
Quarterly Journal of Economics | Vol. 119, No. 3. | 1049-1090.
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