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Roberton C. Williams III
Senior Fellow and Director, Academic Programs
Rob Williams studies both environmental policy and tax policy, with a particular focus on interactions between the two. In addition to his role at RFF, he is a professor at the University of Maryland, College Park and a research associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research. He also serves as a co-editor of the Journal of Public Economics, editorial council member (and former co-editor) of the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management and member of the editorial board of the B.E. Journal of Analysis & Policy
Featured Publications
Efficiency and Distributional Trade-Offs in Recycling Carbon Cap-and-Trade Revenues
Roberton C. Williams and Ian W.H. Parry
The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy | forthcoming
Optimal Taxation and Cross-Price Effects on Labor Supply: Estimates of the Optimal Gas Tax
Roberton C. Williams and Sarah West
Journal of Public Economics | 2007 | Vol. 91, 3-4 | pp. 593-617
The Cost of Reducing Gasoline Consumption
Roberton C. Williams and Sarah West
American Economic Review | May 2005 | Vol. 95, No. 2 | pp. 294-299
The Substantial Bias from Ignoring General Equilibrium Effects in Estimating Excess Burden, and a Practical Solution
Roberton C. Williams, Lawrence Goulder
Journal of Political Economy | 2003 | Vol. 111, No. 4 | pp. 898-927
The Cost-Effectiveness of Alternative Instruments for Environmental Protection in a Second-Best Setting
Ian W.H. Parry, Lawrence H. Goulder, Dallas Burtraw, and Roberton C. Williams
Journal of Public Economics | June 1999 | Vol. 72, No. 3 | pp. 329-360 | Related Discussion Paper 98-22
When Can Carbon Abatement Policies Increase Welfare? The Fundamental Role of Distorted Factor Markets.
Ian W.H. Parry, Lawrence H. Goulder, and Roberton C. Williams
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management | 1999 | Vol. 37 | pp. 52-84 | Related Discussion Paper 97-18-REV
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