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Maureen L. Cropper
Senior Fellow
Maureen Cropper, a professor of economics at the University of Maryland and a former lead economist at the World Bank, returned to RFF in 2008 as a senior fellow, a position she held from 1990 to 1993. Cropper has made major contributions to environmental policy through her research, teaching, and public service. Her research has focused on valuing environmental amenities, estimating consumer preferences for health and longevity improvements, and the tradeoffs implicit in environmental regulations. Previously, at the World Bank, her work focused on improving policy choices in developing countries through studies of deforestation, road safety, urban slums, and health valuation. She is currently studying the externalities associated with pandemic flu control, the impact of reforms in the electric power sector in India and the demand for fuel economy in the Indian car market. 
Featured Publications
Why Have Traffic Fatalities Declined in Industrialised Countries? Implications for Pedestrians and Vehicle Occupants
Elizabeth Kopits and Maureen Cropper
Journal of Transport Economics and Policy | Vol. 42 | pp. 129-154
Measuring the welfare effects of slum improvement programs: The case of Mumbai
Akie Takeuchi, Maureen Cropper, and Antonio Bento
Journal of Urban Economics | 64 | pp. 65-84
Global Environment and Sustainability: Protecting the Commons
Maureen Cropper
Global Monitoring Report | Washington, D.C.: World Bank | 2008
The Value of Mortality Risk Reductions in Delhi, India
Soma Bhattacharya, Anna Alberini, and Maureen L.Cropper
Journal of Risk and Uncertainty | Vol. 34 | pp. 21-47
The Impact of Policies to Control Motor Vehicle Emissions in Mumbai, India
Akie Takeuchi, Maureen Cropper, and Antonio Bento
Journal of Regional Science | Vol. 47 | pp. 27-46
The Demand for Insecticide-Treated Mosquito Nets
Maureen Cropper, C. Poulos, J. Lampietti, D. Whittington and M. Haile
Handbook of Contingent Valuation | J. Kahn and A. Alberini, eds. | Cheltenham Glos, UK: Edward Elgar | 2006
Willingness to Pay for Mortality Risk Reductions: Does Latency Matter?
Anna Alberini, Maureen Cropper, Alan Krupnick, and Nathalie B. Simon
Journal of Risk and Uncertainty | Vol. 34 | pp. 231-245
The Impact of Urban Spatial Structure on Travel Demand in the United States
Maureen Cropper, Antonio Bento, Ahmed Mobarak and Katja Vinha
The Review of Economics and Statistics | Vol. 87 | pp. 466-478
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