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How Should the World Bank Estimate Air Pollution Damages?
Maureen L. Cropper, Shefali Khanna
RFF Discussion Paper 14-30 | September 2014
Comparative Life Cycle Assessments: Carbon Neutrality and Wood Biomass Energy
Roger A. Sedjo
RFF Discussion Paper 13-11 | April 2013
Playing Without Aces: Offsets and the Limits of Flexibility Under Clean Air Act Climate Policy
Nathan Richardson
RFF Discussion Paper 11-49 | December 2011
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Can a Stew of Power Generation Regulations Clear the Air?
EPA is issuing major rules to reduce conventional pollutants (including SO2 and NOx) that will cost the electric utility sector tens of billions of dollars per year for costly new emissions-control equipment. Visiting Fellows Arthur Fraas and Randall Lutter ask, is it worth it?
Embracing Green-Growth Diplomacy
With the world gearing up for another round of international climate negotiations, RFF Visiting Scholar Nigel Purvis says it is time to jumpstart the transition to low emissions development by reinventing global climate diplomacy.
Shaping the Future of America’s Outdoor Resources
Press Release: A new RFF study delves into the status of America’s outdoor resources, the demand for recreation, and the financing of conservation, parks, and open space.
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