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The Economic and Financial Risks of a Changing Climate: Insights from Leading Experts
RFF Report | April 2015
Egregiousness and Boycott Intensity: Evidence from the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
Zhongmin Wang, Alvin Lee, Michael Polonsky
RFF Discussion Paper 15-06 | February 2015
Understanding Flood Risk Decisionmaking: Implications for Flood Risk Communication Program Design
Carolyn Kousky, Leonard A. Shabman
RFF Discussion Paper 15-01 | February 2015
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Limits to Securitization: The Future of Insurance 
June 4, 2014
Event Type: First Wednesday Seminar
Related Topics: Risk Management, Climate
Managing Extreme Events in our Rivers and Coastal Areas 
September 14, 2011
Event Type: Seminar
Related Topics: Risk Management, Water, International, Policy and Analysis
Managing the Risk of Extreme Weather Events in a Changing Climate  
February 3, 2010
Event Type: First Wednesday Seminar
Related Topics: Risk Management, Climate
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Green Infrastructure: Using Natural Landscapes for Flood Mitigation and Water Quality Improvements
At a recent First Wednesday Seminar, RFF experts explored the concept of green infrastructure and examined its potential role in flood mitigation and environmental services programs. Event video and slides are now available.
Can States Allay Risks from Hurricanes and Earthquakes?
Insurance for damages from natural catastrophes provided by many states affords property owners coverage when they are unable to find it in the private market.
How Do You Put a Price on Ecological Damage from Marine Oil Pollution?
In the aftermath of the Gulf oil spill, attempts will be made to put an economic value on the ecological damage caused. How will this be done, and can we do a better job than in the past?
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