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Resources Magazine

Resources is RFF’s flagship magazine, first published in 1959. It highlights feature stories by RFF experts on a variety of environmental, energy, and natural resource issues, and news about ongoing research and public outreach efforts.

Resources is available to individuals and institutions for free. To request a print or email subscription, please complete our online form.

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2014 | Resources 187


On the Bumpy Road to US Climate Action

Phil Sharp

EPA's Clean Power Plan: Breaking Down the Building Blocks

Goings On
Highlights from Recent Events at RFF

Saving Europe's Key Weapon against Climate Change

Dallas Burtraw

Q & A
Greening the Global Economy: Roles for Business and Government

An Interview with Linda Fisher

Inside RFF


Can Product Labels Nudge Energy Efficient Behavior
Richard Newell and Juha Siikamaki

A Financial Approach to Environmental Risk
Robert Engle

Developing Policies to Combat Invasive Species
Rebecca Epanchin-Niell

Preparing for the Midterm CAFE Review
Alan J. Krupnick, Joshua Linn, and Virginia McConnell

Utilities and the US Energy Revolution: Confronting a Shifting Landscape
Chris Crane

What Americans Think about Climate Change
Jon A. Krosnick, Nuri Kim, and Bo MacInnis 


Read this issue using our interactive flash reader or download the issue (PDF).

2014 | Resources 186


National Energy Policy under Changing Conditions

Phil Sharp

Surveying American Attitudes toward Climate Change

Goings On
Highlights from Recent Events at RFF

Toward a North American Energy Strategy

Raymond J. Kopp and Alan J. Krupnick

Q & A
Blue Skies Ahead for China? An Interview with Mun Ho

Inside RFF


Do Driving Restrictions Reduce Congestion? Lessons from Beijing
Ping Qin and Jintao Xu

Groundwater Markets: Managing a Critical, Hidden Resource
Yusuke Kuwayama

Reflections on the Oil Shock of 40 Years Ago
Joel Darmstadter

Money for Nothing: The Case for Eliminating US Fossil Fuel Subsidies
Joseph E. Aldy

Lifting the Oil Export Ban: What Would It Mean for US Gasoline Prices?
Stephen P.A. Brown and Charles F. Mason

Private Funding of Public Parks: Assessing the Role of Philanthropy
Margaret A. Walls 

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Read this issue using our interactive flash reader or download the issue (PDF).

2014 | Resources 185


Pushing the Boundaries of Environmental Economics

Phil Sharp

Shale Gas Development Linked to Traffic Accidents in Pennsylvania

Goings On
Highlights of RFF’s Recent Contributions to Shaping Environmental Policy

Policy Commentary
Forever Ours? The Challenges of Long-Lived Environmental Problems

Molly K. Macauley

Q & A
Putting a Price on Carbon: Who Gets the Revenue? An Interview with Dallas Burtraw

Inside RFF


Cutting Prices at the Pump: Opportunities for Natural Gas in the Light-Duty Fleet
Arthur G. Fraas, Winston Harrington, and Richard D. Morgenstern

Business Motivations for Conservation
James W. Boyd

Negotiating a Post-2020 Climate Agreement in a Mosaic World
Brian Flannery

Getting to an Efficient Carbon Tax: How the Revenue is Used Matters
Jared Carbone, et. al.

Would You Pay to Reduce Risks from Shale Gas Development? Public Attitudes in Pennsylvania and Texas
Alan J. Krupnick and Juha Siikamäki

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