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Resources Magazine

Resources is RFF's flagship magazine, first published in 1959. It highlights feature stories by RFF experts on a variety of environmental, energy, and natural resource issues, and news about ongoing research and public outreach efforts.

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Click to read Resources 180

Read this issue using our interactive flash reader or download the issue (PDF).

2012 | Resources 181


Challenges at the Intersection of Scarcity, Growth, and Risk

Phil Sharp

Answering Questions about a Carbon Tax: How New Natural Gas Supplies Impact the Electricity Sector

Goings On
Highlights of RFF’s Recent Contributions to Shaping Environmental Policy

Policy Commentary
The Carbon Footprint of Wood for Bioenergy

Q & A
Managing Water through Innovative Collaboration: An Interview with Lynn Scarlett

Inside RFF


Blue Carbon: A Potentially Winning Climate Strategy

Managing the Risks of Shale Gas: The Latest Results from RFF's Initiative
Kristin Hayes

High-Speed Rail Passions
Joel Darmstadter

US Energy Policy: A Changing Landscape
Phil Sharp

Will Natural Gas Vehicles Be in Our Future?
Alan J. Krupnick

Does Speculation Drive Oil Prices?
James L. Smith

Clean Air Regulations & the Electricity Sector
Karen Palmer, Dallas Burtraw, Anthony Paul, Blair Beasley, and Matt Woerman



Click to read Resources 180

Read this issue using our interactive flash reader or download the issue (PDF).

2012 | Resources 180

Goings On (PDF)


Click to read Resources Summer 2011

Read this issue using our interactive flash reader or download the issue (PDF).

2012 | Resources 179

60 Years of Investing in Ideas (PDF)
Phil Sharp

Infographic Natural Gas: A Bridge to a Low-Carbon Future?

Goings On (PDF)

RFF Policy Commentary: Loan Guarantees Reconsidered
Joel Darmstadter and Joshua Linn 

How Does Regulation Affect Employment? An Interview with Richard Morgenstern

The Risks of Shale Gas Development: How RFF Is Identifying a Pathway toward Responsible Development

Fuel Consumption Standards for Heavy-Duty Vehicles
Winston Harrington

Unnatural Disasters?
Sheila Olmstead and Carolyn Kousky

Measuring Conservation's Return on Investment
James W. Boyd

State Parks: Assessing Their Benefits
Juha Siikamäki

If Walmart Were In Charge: Sourcing CO2 Emissions Reductions at Least Cost
Raymond J. Kopp

Meeting the World's Natural Resource Needs: Confrontation Ahead?
Joel Darmstadter

Inside RFF (PDF)

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