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Resources Magazine

Resources is RFF’s flagship magazine, first published in 1959. It highlights feature stories by RFF experts on a variety of environmental, energy, and natural resource issues, and news about ongoing research and public outreach efforts.

Resources is available to individuals and institutions for free. To request a print or email subscription, please complete our online form.

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Resources 173 - Fall 2009
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Fall 2009 | Resources 173

Welcome: RFF's Expanding Focus On Public Health
Phil Sharp

RFF and Human Health
Ramanan Laxminarayan

This Could Be the Last Time: The bioeconomics of eradicating malaria
David L. Smith and Andrew J. Tatem

The Right Combination of Carrots and Sticks: Encouraging surveillance and Reporting of Emerging Pandemics
Ramanan Laxminarayan and Anup Malani

Congestion and the Commons: What Happens When Some Resources are Enclosed and Others are Oopen Access?
Carolyn Fischer and Ramanan Laxminarayan

Measuring the Costs of Air Pollution and Health in China
Maureen L. Cropper

Is Alcohol Consumption Undertaxed?
Ian W. H. Parry

Resources 172 - Summer 2009
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Summer 2009 | Resources 172

Welcome: The Persistance of Risk
Phil Sharp

A Brief History of Quantitative Risk Assessment
Roger M. Cooke

Nanotechnology and Risk
J. Clarence (Terry) Davies

Attributing U.S. Foodborne Illness to Food Consumption
Sandra A. Hoffmann

Are Catastrophes Insurable?
Roger M. Cooke and Carolyn Kousky

Resources 171
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Winter/Spring 2009 | Resources 171

Goings On

RFF Weekly Commentary Series:
Reflections on Three Decades of Energy Policy
Phillip R. Sharp

Climate Policy and Competition: U.S. Industry’s Regulatory Dilemma
Carolyn Fischer and Richard D. Morgenstern

2008 Annual Report

Enormous Challenges, Enormous Rewards 10 Precepts for U.S. Climate Policy
Daniel M. Bodansky

Engaging China on Climate Change
Jonathan B. Wiener


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