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Fall 2006 | Resources 163Sign up for Resources magazine

From the President
Philip R. Sharp

Goings On
Resources Editor

What's the Big Deal About Oil? How We Can Get Policy Right
Richard G. Newell

Expanding Oil Supplies
Joel Darmstadter
Robert Weiner

Replacing Oil: Alternative Fuels and Technologies
Raymond J. Kopp

The Strategic Petroleum Reserve: A Short-Term Response
Joseph E. Aldy

The Economics of Improving Fuel Economy
William A. Pizer

The Case for a Pay-by-the-Barrel Oil Tax
Ian W.H. Parry

Oil Policy Strategies: Assessing the Tradeoffs
Resources Editor

Inside RFF
Resources Editor



















Summer 2006 | Resources 162

From the President
Philip R. Sharp

Goings On
Resources Editor

How Do International Crises Affect Trade in Oil?
Robert Weiner

Adding a Public Voice to Investing the "Hot Air" Windfall
Ruth Greenspan Bell
Elena A. Safirova

The Nonmarket Benefits of Nature: What Should be Counted in Green GDP?
James W. Boyd

Swimming Upstream: The Challenges of Managing the World's Fisheries
Resources Editor

"Ground Truthing" Policy: Using Participatory Map-making to Connect Citizens and Decision Makers
Shalini Vajjhala

The Role of Forest Sinks in a Post-Kyoto World
Roger A. Sedjo
Masahiro Amano

Inside RFF
Ruth Greenspan Bell

Mining Executive and New RFF Board Member Calls for Action on Global Warming
Resources Editor












Spring 2006 | Resources 161

From the President: Look Beyond the Obvious
Philip R. Sharp

Identifying Disease Control Priorities in Developing Countries
Resources Editor

Worldwide Environmental Rankings: Will Nations Compete to be Green?
Dan Esty
James W. Boyd

Combating Global Warming One Car at a Time: C02 Emissions Labels for New Motor Vehicles
Katherine N. Probst

Disproving the Conventional Wisdom Both Rich and Poor Depend on Natural Resources in Indian Villages
Urvashi Narain

Explaining Sprawl: How Much Does Zoning Matter?
Virginia D. McConnell
Margaret A. Walls
Elizabeth A. Kopits

Economic Incentives to Control Water Pollution in Developing Countries: How Well Has Colombia's Wastewater Discharge Fee Program Worked and Why?
Allen Blackman 









Winter 2006 | Resources 160

Goings On
Resources Editor

Voting for Conservation: What is the American Electorate Revealing?
H. Spencer Banzhaf
Wallace E. Oates
James N. Sanchirico
R. David Simpson
Randy Walsh

RFF 2005 Annual Report: Ideas, Independence, Impact
Resources Editor

Malaria Among African Children: Hope for Progress against a Growing Menace
Ramanan Laxminarayan

Making Tough Choices: Hurricane Protection Planning after Katrina and Rita
G. Edward Dickey
Leonard A. Shabman

Inside RFF
Resources Editor


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