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Fall 2004 | Resources 155Sign up for Resources magazine

From the President: Arizona Dreamin'
Paul R. Portney

Goings On
Resources Editor

Transgenic Trees and Trade: Problems on the Horizon?
Roger A. Sedjo

Presidential Candidates Reply on Energy and the Environment
Resources Editor

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish: What is the Value of a Census of Marine Life
James N. Sanchirico
Michele T. Callaghan

The Effectiveness and Cost of Energy Efficiency Programs
Kenneth T. Gillingham
Richard G. Newell
Karen L. Palmer

Inside RFF
Resources Editor












Summer 2004 | Resources 154

From the President: Why $2/ Gallon Gas Is Still a Good Deal
Paul R. Portney

Goings On
Resources Editor

Rethinking Fossil Fuels: The Necessary Step Toward Practical Climate Policy
Raymond J. Kopp

Valuing Risk to Health: Children are Not Little Adults
Sandra A. Hoffman
Alan J. Krupnick

What's Nature Worth? Using Indicators to Open the Black Box of Ecological Valuation
James W. Boyd

Inside RFF
Resources Editor

Book Notes -- Painting the White House Green: Rationalizing Environmental Policy Inside the Executive Office of the President
Paul R. Portney














Spring 2004 | Resources 153

From the President: A Thousand Flowers Blooming
Paul R. Portney

Goings On
Resources Editor

Land Trusts in the United States: Analyzing Abundance
Heidi J. Albers
Amy W. Ando
Daniel Kaffine

Brownfields Policy Reform in Wisconsin: A New Regulatory Culture
Kris F. Wernstedt
Robert Hersh

Fending Off Invasive Species: Can We Draw the Line Without Turning to Trade Tariffs?
Michael B. Margolis

Inside RFF
Resources Editor

Book Review: True Warnings and False Alarms: Evaluating Fears about the Health Risks of Technology, 1948-1971 by Alan Mazur, RFF Press
John W. Anderson













Fall/ Winter 2004 | Resources  152

From the President: Making our Ideas Known to the Broader Community
Paul R. Portney

Goings On
Resources Editor

Keeping One Row Ahead of the Bugs: The Economics of Pest Resistance to Transgenic Crops
Ramanan Laxminarayan
Carolyn Fischer

Information Technology: The Unsung Hero of Market- Based Environmental Policies
Blas Perez Henriquez

Economic Incentives versus Command and Control: What's the Best Approach for Solving Environmental Problems?
Winston Harrington
Richard D. Morgenstern

Inside RFF
Resources Editor

Development: RFF Concludes 50th Anniversary Campaign and Looks to the Future
Resources Editor

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