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Summer 2003 | Resources 151Sign up for Resources magazine

In Appreciation: John V. Krutilla, 1922-2003
Resources Editor

Goings On
Resources Editor

Accounting for the Environment
H. Spencer Banzhaf

Marketing Water, Marketing Reform: Lessons from the Chilean Experience
Carl J. Bauer

Market-Based Approaches to Environmental Policy
Paul R. Portney

Inside RFF
Resources Editor

From the President
Paul R. Portney 









Spring 2003 | Resources 150

Catching Market Efficiencies: Quota- Based Fisheries Management
James N. Sanchirico
Richard G. Newell

Trading in Endangered Species: Legal Sales Versus Total Bans
Carolyn Fischer

A Market Approach to Land Preservation
Elizabeth A. Kopits
Virginia D. McConnell
Margaret A. Walls

From the President
Resources Editor

Goings On
Resources Editor

Inside RFF
Resources Editor
















Winter 2003 | Resources 149

Looking Ahead and Looking Back: The Economy, the Environment, and the World
Paul R. Portney

Helping Decisionmakers to Build and Shape their Intellectual Capital
Ruth Greenspan Bell

Exploring the Promises and Perils of Technology
Molly K. Macauley

The Power of Ideas and the Public Policy Process
Raymond J. Kopp

Pushing the Political System for Change: An Interview with Bill McKibben
James W. Boyd

The Cutting Edge and the Nitty Gritty: Environmental Protection in Mexico
Allen Blackman

Building on 50 Years of Path-Breaking Research: RFF's 50th Anniversary Campaign to Raise $30 Million

From the President

Symposium Overview


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