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 Resources 137



Fall 1999 | Resources 137Sign up for Resources magazine

A Dilemma Downwind: Ozone Blows Across State Lines, Raising a Tangle of Regulatory Issues
Alan J. Krupnick
John W. Anderson

Forty Years in an Emerging Field: Economics and Environmental Policy in Retrospect
Wallace E. Oates

The Forest Service at a Crossroads
Dan Quinn 

Goings On







Summer 1999 | Resources 136

Time and Money: Discounting's Problematic Allure
Paul R. Portney

Carving out Some Space: A Guide to Land Preservation Strategies
James W. Boyd
Kathryn Caballero
R. David Simpson

Saving the Trees by Helping the Poor: A Look at Small Producers along Brazil's Transamazon Highway
Charles Wood
Robert Walker

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Spring 1999 | Resources 135

Mother Nature Necessitates Invention: And Technology Buoys Industry
R. David Simpson

Renewable Energy: Winner, Loser, or Innocent Victim?
Dallas Burtraw
Joel Darmstadter
Karen L. Palmer
James McVeigh

Environmental Accounting: Where We Are Now, Where We Are Heading
Joy E. Hecht

Think Globally, Act Globally: An Interview with Frank E. Loy

How to Manage Hazardous Waste: Developing a Successful Program
Katherine N. Probst
Thomas C. Beierle

Environmental Advocacy:  Prospects for the Twenty-first Century
J.W. Anderson 

From the President: World Wide Web

Goings On








Winter 1999 | Resources 134

At Buenos Aires and Beyond
John W. Anderson
Richard D. Morgenstern
Michael A. Toman

Environmental Liability in Transition: A Look at the Record in Hungary
Maria Csanadi
Ruth Greenspan Bell

Incentives May Protect Nature, But Conservation Still Costs

Risk in the Real World: A New Guide to Analysis

Putting People in the Picture: RFF's Jim Boyd  


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