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Fall 1998 | Resources 133Sign up for Resources magazine

American Opinion on Global Warming: The Impact of the Fall 1997 Debate
Jon A. Krosnick
Penny S. Visser
Allyson L. Holbrook

Harvesting the Benefits of Carbon "Sinks"
Roger A. Sedjo

With Electricity and Justice for All: An Interview with Linda Taliaferro

New Investment Abroad: Can it Reduce China's Greenhouse Gas Emissions?
Allen Blackman

Cleaner Air, Cleaner Water: One Can Lead to the Other in the Chesapeake Bay

From the President: Research Front and Center and on the Horizon 






Summer 1998 | Resources 132

Marketing Water: The Obstacles and the Impetus
Kenneth D. Frederick

On the Way to Retail Competition
Amy W. Ando
Karen L. Palmer

The Green and the Gold: How a Firm's Clean Quotient Affects Its Value
David H. Austin

Appreciation: Marion Clawson's Long View of the Land

Putting People in the Picture: RFF's Molly Macauley  






Spring 1998 | Resources 131

Global Population Trends: The Prospects for Stabilization
Warren C. Robinson

The Pollution Prevention Puzzle: Which Policies Will Unlock the Profits?
James W. Boyd

Long-Term Stewardship and the Nuclear Weapons Complex: The Challenge Ahead
Katherine N. Probst

On Prophecies of Environmental Doom
Paul Portney
Wallace E. Oates 

Economy, Energy, Environment: An Interview with Catherine Abbott







Winter 1998 | Resources 130

Climate Change Policy After Kyoto
Raymond J. Kopp
Richard D. Morgenstern
Michael A. Toman

Ecosystems, Interest Groups, and the Endangered Species Act
Amy W. Ando

Industrial Ecology and "Getting the Prices Right"
Allen V. Kneese

Industrial Ecology: A Coming of Age Story
Jesse H. Ausubel

Critically Evaluating America's Pollution Control System
Terry Davies 

Putting People in the Picture: RFF's Alan Krupnick


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