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Renewable Energy from Landfills
Shanjun Li, Han Kyul Yoo, Jhih-Shyang Shih
Resources | 2015 (188)
The Hotelling Model with Multiple Demands
Gérard Gaudet, Stephen W. Salant
RFF Discussion Paper 14-21 | July 2014
Assessing the Role of Renewable Energy Policies in Landfill Gas Energy Projects
Shanjun Li, Han Kyul Yoo, Jhih-Shyang Shih, Karen L. Palmer, Molly K. Macauley
RFF Discussion Paper 14-17 | July 2014
Related journal article
A Dynamic Model of Cleanup: Estimating Sunk Costs in Oil and Gas Production
Lucija Anna Muehlenbachs
RFF Discussion Paper 12-12-REV | December 2013
Catalysts for Conservation: Exploring Behavioral Science Insights for Natural Resource Investments
P. Lynn Scarlett, James W. Boyd, Anna Brittain, Leonard A. Shabman, Timothy J. Brennan
RFF Report | September 2013
Deposit-Refund Systems in Practice and Theory
Margaret Walls
Encyclopedia of Energy, Natural Resource, and Environmental Economics, Vol. 3 | J.F. Shogren | Amsterdam: Elsevier | 2013
Fiscal Incentives and Environmental Infrastructure in China
Antung Anthony Liu, Junjie Zhang
RFF Discussion Paper 12-36 | September 2012
Related journal article
The Effect of Voluntary Brownfields Programs on Nearby Property Values: Evidence from Illinois
Joshua Linn
RFF Discussion Paper 12-35 | August 2012
Related journal article
Households’ Willingness to Pay for Improved Urban Waste Management in Mekelle City, Ethiopia
Dagnew Hagos, Alemu Mekonnen, Zenebe Gebreegziabher
RFF Discussion Paper EfD 12-06 | April 2012
Policy Instruments for Environmental and Natural Resource Management
By Thomas Sterner, Jessica Coria
RFF Press | December 13, 2011
Deposit-Refund Systems in Practice and Theory
Margaret A. Walls
RFF Discussion Paper 11-47 | November 2011
Use of Anthropometric Measures to Analyze How Sources of Water and Sanitation Affect Children’s Health in Nigeria
Sunday Olabisi Adewara, Martine Visser
RFF Discussion Paper EfD 11-02 | April 2011
Attributing Benefits to Voluntary Programs in EPA’s Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery: Challenges and Options
James W. Boyd, Cynthia Manson
RFF Discussion Paper 11-09 | March 2011
The Porter Hypothesis at 20: Can Environmental Regulation Enhance Innovation and Competitiveness?
Stefan Ambec, Mark A Cohen, Stewart Elgie, Paul Lanoie
RFF Discussion Paper 11-01 | January 2011
Organizational Design for Spill Containment in Deepwater Drilling Operations in the Gulf of Mexico: Assessment of the Marine WellContainment Company (MWCC)
Robert Anderson, Mark A Cohen, Molly K. Macauley, Nathan Richardson, Adam Stern
RFF Discussion Paper 10-63 | January 2011
Related journal article
Voluntary Environmental Programs at Contaminated Properties: Perspectives from U.S. Regulators and Program Participants
Kris F. Wernstedt, Allen Blackman, Thomas P. Lyon, Kelly Novak
RFF Discussion Paper 10-18 | June 2010
Behavioral Response to Plastic Bag Legislation in Botswana
Johane Dikgang, Martine Visser
RFF Discussion Paper EfD 10-13 | May 2010
Issues of the Day
Ian W.H. Parry and Felicia Day, eds.
RFF Press | April 2010
What Drives Participation in State Voluntary Cleanup Programs? Evidence from Oregon.
Allen Blackman, Sarah Darley, Tom Lyon, and Kris Wernstedt
Land Economics | 86(4) | 785-799 | Related Discussion Paper 08-04
Adapting to Climate Change: The Public Policy Response
James E. Neumann, Jason C. Price
RFF Report | June 2009
133 items found
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