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Subtopic: Vehicle Pollution 17 items found
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A Contingent Valuation Approach to Estimating Regulatory Costs: Mexico’s Day Without Driving Program
Allen Blackman, Francisco Alpízar, Fredrik Carlsson, Marisol Rivera Planter
RFF Discussion Paper 15-21 | May 2015
New Markets for Pollution and Energy Efficiency: Credit Trading under Automobile Greenhouse Gas and Fuel Economy Standards
Benjamin Leard, Virginia D. McConnell
RFF Discussion Paper 15-16 | May 2015
Explaining the Adoption of Diesel Fuel Passenger Cars in Europe
Joshua Linn
RFF Discussion Paper 14-08 | April 2014
Preparing for the Midterm Review of the Fuel Economy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Rate Standards for Light-Duty Vehicles: A Summary of Priority Research Questions
Alan J. Krupnick, Joshua Linn, Virginia D. McConnell
Issue Brief 14-04 | March 2014
Will a Driving Restriction Policy Reduce Car Trips?
Lanlan Wang, Jintao Xu, Xinye Zheng, Ping Qin
RFF Discussion Paper EfD 13-11 | September 2013
The New CAFE Standards: Are They Enough on Their Own?
Virginia D. McConnell
RFF Discussion Paper 13-14 | May 2013
Using Vehicle Taxes to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions Rates of New Passenger Vehicles: Evidence from France, Germany, and Sweden
Thomas Klier, Joshua Linn
RFF Discussion Paper 12-34 | August 2012
Evaluating “Cash-for-Clunkers: Program Effects on Auto Sales and the Environment
Shanjun Li, Joshua Linn, Elisheba Beia Spiller
RFF Discussion Paper 10-39-REV | October 2011
Related journal article
Getting Cars Off the Road: The Cost-Effectiveness of an Episodic Pollution Control Program
Maureen L. Cropper, Yi Jiang, Anna Alberini, Patrick Baur
RFF Discussion Paper 10-25 | April 2010
The Price of Gasoline and New Vehicle Fuel Economy: Evidence from Monthly Sales Data
Joshua Linn and Thomas Klier
American Economic Journal: Economic Policy | Vol. 2 (3) | pp. 134-53
International Fuel Tax Assessment: An Application to Chile
Ian W.H. Parry, Jon Strand
RFF Discussion Paper 10-07 | February 2010
How Much Should Highway Fuels Be Taxed?
Ian W.H. Parry
RFF Discussion Paper 09-52 | December 2009
Fuel Tax Incidence in Developing Countries: The Case of Costa Rica
Allen Blackman, Rebecca Osakwe, Francisco Alpízar
RFF Discussion Paper 09-37 | October 2009
Related journal article
Fuel Tax Incidence in Developing Countries: The Case Of Costa Rica
Allen Blackman, Rebecca Osakwe, Francisco Alpízar
RFF Discussion Paper EfD 09-24 | October 2009
Lose Some, Save Some: Obesity, Automobile Demand, and Gasoline Consumption in the U.S.
Shanjun Li, Yanyan Liu, Junjie Zhang
RFF Discussion Paper 09-34 | August 2009
Let’s Turn CAFE Regulation on Its Head
Carolyn Fischer
Issue Brief 09-06 | May 2009
Transport Policies to Reduce CO2 Emissions from the Light-Duty Vehicle Fleet
Raymond J. Kopp
Issue Brief CPF-12 | November 2007
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