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Subtopic: Liability 22 items found
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Policy Commentary: Forever Ours? The Challenges of Long-Lived Environmental Problems
Molly K. Macauley
Resources | 2014 (185)
A Dynamic Model of Cleanup: Estimating Sunk Costs in Oil and Gas Production
Lucija Anna Muehlenbachs
RFF Discussion Paper 12-12-REV | December 2013
Hurricane Sandy, Storm Surge, and the National Flood Insurance Program: A Primer on New York and New Jersey
Carolyn Kousky, Erwann Michel-Kerjan
Issue Brief 12-08 | November 2012
The Effect of Voluntary Brownfields Programs on Nearby Property Values: Evidence from Illinois
Joshua Linn
RFF Discussion Paper 12-35 | August 2012
Related journal article
The Realities of Federal Disaster Aid: The Case of Floods
Carolyn Kousky, Leonard A. Shabman
Issue Brief 12-02 | April 2012
Loan Guarantees Reconsidered
Joel Darmstadter, Joshua Linn
Resources | 2012 (179)
Unnatural Disasters?
Sheila M. Olmstead, Carolyn Kousky
Resources | 2012 (179)
An Economist's View of the Oil Spill from Inside the White House
Joseph E. Aldy
Resources | Winter/Spring 2011 (177)
Instilling a Stronger Safety Culture: What are the Incentives?
Joshua Linn, Nathan Richardson
Resources | Winter/Spring 2011 (177)
Redistributional Effects of the National Flood Insurance Program
Okmyung Bin, John A. Bishop, Carolyn Kousky
RFF Discussion Paper 11-14 | March 2011
Related journal article
Organizational Design for Spill Containment in Deepwater Drilling Operations in the Gulf of Mexico: Assessment of the Marine WellContainment Company (MWCC)
Robert Anderson, Mark A Cohen, Molly K. Macauley, Nathan Richardson, Adam Stern
RFF Discussion Paper 10-63 | January 2011
Related journal article
Deepwater Drilling: Law, Policy, and Economics of Firm Organization andSafety
Mark A Cohen, Madeline Gottlieb, Joshua Linn, Nathan Richardson
RFF Discussion Paper 10-65 | January 2011
Related journal article
Who Bears the Long-Term Costs of Stricter Anti-Spill Policy? It’s Not Who You Think
Timothy J. Brennan
Backgrounder | August 2010
Goings On for Summer 2010
Resources | Summer 2010 (175)
A Taxonomy of Oil Spill Costs: What are the Likely Costs of theDeepwater Horizon Spill?
Mark A Cohen
Backgrounder | June 2010
Lost Ecosystem Goods and Services as a Measure of Marine Oil Pollution Damages
James W. Boyd
RFF Discussion Paper 10-31 | May 2010
Deterring Oil Spills: Who Should Pay and How Much?
Mark A Cohen
Backgrounder | May 2010
Deepwater Horizon and the Patchwork of Oil Spill Liability Law
Nathan Richardson
Backgrounder | May 2010
Encouraging Adaptation to Climate Change: Long Term Flood Insurance
Howard Kunreuther, Erwann Michel-Kerjan
Issue Brief 09-13 | December 2009
More Than a Wing and a Prayer: Government Indemnification of the Commercial Space Launch Industry
Timothy J. Brennan, Carolyn Kousky, Molly K. Macauley
RFF Discussion Paper 09-38 | September 2009
Related journal article
22 items found
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