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Subtopic: Invasive species 10 items found
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Benefits of invasion prevention are constrained by lags and timing of invasion impacts
Rebecca Epanchin-Niell, Andrew M. Liebhold
RFF Discussion Paper 15-18 | May 2015
Developing Policies to Combat Invasive Species
Rebecca Epanchin-Niell
Resources | 2014 (187)
Designing Efficient Surveys: Spatial Arrangement of Sample Points for Detection of Invasive Species
Berec, L., J. Kean, Epanchin-Niell, R.S., R. Haight, and A. Liebhold.
Biological Invasions | July 2014
Independent and Cooperative Management of Invasive Species in Human-Mediated Landscapes.
Rebecca Epanchin-Niell and Jim Wilen
American Journal of Agricultural Economics | May 2014
Designing Cost-Efficient Surveillance for Early Detection and Control of Multiple Biological Invaders
R. Epanchin-Niell, E. Brockerhoff, J. Kean, and J. Turner
Ecological Applications | 2014
Bioeconomic synergism between tactics for insect eradication in the presence of Allee effects
Blackwood, J., L. Berec, T. Yamanaka, R. Epanchin-Niell, A. Hastings, and A. Liebhold.
Proceedings of the Royal Society B | 2012 | Vol. 279, No. 1739. | pp. 2807-2815
Optimal spatial control of biological invasions
Rebecca Epanchin-Niell and James Wilen
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management | 2012 | Vol. 63, No. 2. | 260-270. | Related Discussion Paper 11-07
Optimal Control of Spatial-Dynamic Processes: The Case of Biological Invasions
Rebecca Epanchin-Niell, James E. Wilen
RFF Discussion Paper 11-07 | March 2011
Related journal article
Bang for the Buck: Cost-Effective Control of Invasive Species with Different Life Histories
Eric Buhle, Michael B. Margolis, Jennifer L. Ruesink
RFF Discussion Paper 04-06 | April 2004
How Trade Politics Affect Invasive Species Control
Michael B. Margolis, Jason F. Shogren
RFF Discussion Paper 04-07 | February 2004
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