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Subtopic: Food safety 17 items found
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How Effective Are Federal Food Safety Regulations? The Case of Eggs and Salmonella Enteritidis
Randall Lutter
RFF Discussion Paper 15-24 | June 2015
Climate Change and Food Security in Kenya
Jane Kabubo-Mariara, Millicent Kabara
RFF Discussion Paper EfD-15-05 | March 2015
Regulating an Experience Good in Developing Countries when Consumers Cannot Identify Producers
Timothy McQuade, Stephen W. Salant, Jason Winfree
RFF Discussion Paper 10-52-REV | September 2012
Food Safety and Risk Governance in Globalized Markets
Sandra A. Hoffmann, William Harder
RFF Discussion Paper 09-44 | July 2010
Food Safety Policy and Economics: A Review of the Literature
Sandra A. Hoffmann
RFF Discussion Paper 10-36 | July 2010
Ensuring Food Safety around the Globe: The Many Roles of Risk Analysis from Risk Ranking to Microbial Risk Assessment.
Sandra Hoffmann
Risk Analysis | Vol. 30, No. 5 | 711-714
Markets with Untraceable Goods of Unknown Quality: A Market Failure Exacerbated by Globalization
Timothy McQuade, Stephen W. Salant, Jason Winfree
RFF Discussion Paper 09-31 | April 2010
Attributing U.S. Foodborne Illness to Food Consumption
Sandra A. Hoffmann
Resources | Summer 2009 (172)
Resources 172 - Summer 2009
Phil Sharp, Roger M. Cooke, Carolyn Kousky, J. Clarence Davies, Sandra A. Hoffmann
Resources | Summer 2009 (172)
Agriculture and the Food System: Adaptation to Climate Change
John M. Antle
RFF Report | June 2009
The Importance, and Difficulty of Knowing which Foods Are Making Us Sick
Sandra Hoffmann
Choices | 2nd Quarter | Vol. 24, No. 2. | pp. 6-10
Trade, GMOs, and Environmental Risk: Are Policies Likely to Improve Welfare?
Håkan Eggert, Mads Greaker
RFF Discussion Paper EfD 08-19 | August 2008
Attributing Foodborne Illnesses to Their Food Sources: Using Large Expert Panels to Capture Variability in Expert Judgment
Sandra A. Hoffmann, Paul S. Fischbeck, Alan J. Krupnick, Michael R. Williams
RFF Discussion Paper 06-17 | April 2006
Related journal article
Prioritizing Opportunities to Reduce the Risk of Foodborne Illness: A Conceptual Framework
Michael B. Batz, Sandra A. Hoffmann, Alan J. Krupnick
RFF Discussion Paper FSRC-DP-03 | December 2005
Linking Illness to Food: Summary of a Workshop on Food Attribution
Michael B. Batz, Michael P. Doyle, Glenn Morris, John Painter, Ruby Singh, Robert Tauxe, Michael R. Taylor, Danilo M.A. Lo Fo Wong
RFF Discussion Paper FSRC-DP-02 | November 2004
Related journal article
The StarLink Case: Issues for the Future
Michael R. Taylor, Jody S. Tick
RFF Discussion Paper RPT-StarLink | October 2001
Redesigning Food Safety:Using Risk Analysis to Build a Better Food Safety System
Michael R. Taylor, Sandra A. Hoffmann
RFF Discussion Paper 01-24 | May 2001
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