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Subtopic: Fisheries 10 items found
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Abalone Conservation in the Presence of Drug Use and Corruption: Implications for Its Management in South Africa
Edwin Muchapondwa, Kerri Brick, Martine Visser
RFF Discussion Paper EfD 12-15 | November 2012
Evaluation of the Status of the Namibian Hake Resource (Merluccius spp.) Using Statistical Catch-at-Age Analysis
Carola Kirchner, Paul Kainge, Johannes Kathena
RFF Discussion Paper EfD 12-12 | October 2012
The Role of Incentives for Sustainable Implementation of Marine Protected Areas: An Example from Tanzania
Elizabeth J.Z. Robinson, Heidi J. Albers, Stephen L. Kirama
RFF Discussion Paper EfD 12-03 | February 2012
The Problem of the Commons: Still Unsettled After 100 Years
Robert N. Stavins
RFF Discussion Paper 10-46 | September 2010
Spatial Competition with Changing Market Institutions
Harrison Fell, Alan C. Haynie
RFF Discussion Paper 10-11 | March 2010
Economic Insights into the Costs of Design Restrictions in ITQ Programs
James N. Sanchirico, Kailin Kroetz
RFF Report | January 2010
Better Defined Rights and Responsibilities in Marine Adaptation Policy
James N. Sanchirico
Issue Brief 09-12 | December 2009
An Adaptation Portfolio for the United States Coastal and Marine Environment
David Kling, James N. Sanchirico
RFF Report | June 2009
The Design, Compilation, and Interpretation of Satellite Accounts for South Africa’s Fisheries: Some Critical Thoughts
Anthony Leiman, Timothy Harris
RFF Discussion Paper EfD 09-04 | March 2009
Effects of Global Fisheries on Developing Countries: Possibilities for Income and Threat of Depletion
Håkan Eggert, Mads Greaker
RFF Discussion Paper EfD 09-02 | February 2009
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