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Subtopic: Asia 32 items found
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Will a Driving Restriction Policy Reduce Car Trips?
Lanlan Wang, Jintao Xu, Xinye Zheng, Ping Qin
RFF Discussion Paper EfD 13-11 | September 2013
Environmental Regulation and Public Disclosure
RFF Press | March 7, 2013
Automobile Usage and Urban Rail Transit Expansion
Lunyu Xie
RFF Discussion Paper EfD 12-17 | December 2012
Kyoto Flexibility Mechanisms: Clean Development Mechanism and Joint Implementation
Juha V. Siikamäki, Jeffrey Ferris, Clayton Munnings
Backgrounder | November 2012
The Impact on Japanese Industry of Alternative Carbon Mitigation Policies
Makoto Sugino, Toshi Arimura, Richard D. Morgenstern
RFF Discussion Paper 12-17 | July 2012
Forest Tenure Reform in China
Jintao Xu, Juha V. Siikamäki
Resources | 2012 (180)
Ex Post Evaluation of Forest Conservation Policies Using Remote Sensing Data: An Introduction and Practical Guide
Allen Blackman
RFF Discussion Paper EfD 12-05 | March 2012
Ex Post Evaluation of Forest Conservation Policies Using Remote Sensing Data: An Introduction and Practical Guide
Allen Blackman
RFF Discussion Paper 12-13 | March 2012
The Supply Chain and Industrial Organization of Rare Earth Materials: Implications for the U.S. Wind Energy Sector
Jhih-Shyang Shih, Joshua Linn, Timothy J. Brennan, Joel Darmstadter, Molly K. Macauley, Louis Preonas
RFF Report | February 2012
Policy Instruments for Environmental and Natural Resource Management
By Thomas Sterner, Jessica Coria
RFF Press | December 13, 2011
Output-Based Allocation of Emissions Permits for Mitigating the Leakage and Competitiveness Issues for the Japanese Economy
Shiro Takeda, Toshi Arimura, Hanae Tamechika, Carolyn Fischer, Alan Fox
RFF Discussion Paper 11-40 | September 2011
REDD in Design Assessment of Planned First-Generation Activities in Indonesia
Erin Myers Madeira
RFF Discussion Paper 09-49 | December 2009
Measuring The Costs Of Air Pollution And Health In China
Maureen L. Cropper
Resources | Fall 2009 (173)
Technology Transfer to China to Address Climate Change Mitigation
Takahiro Ueno
Issue Brief 09-09 | August 2009
Is ISO 14001 a Gateway to More Advanced Voluntary Action? A Case for Green Supply Chain Management
Toshi Arimura, Nicole Darnall, Hajime Katayama
RFF Discussion Paper 09-05 | March 2009
Shanxi Air Quality Improvement Project
RFF Report | March 2009
Taming the Anarchy: Groundwater Governance in South Asia
Tushaar Shah
A copublication with the International Water Management Institute (IWMI). | December 2008
Economic Analysis of a Japanese Air Pollution Regulation: An Optimal Retirement Problem under Vehicle Type Regulation in the NOx– Particulate Matter Law
Kazuyuki Iwata, Toshi Arimura
RFF Discussion Paper 08-15 | June 2008
What Kinds of Firms Are More Sensitive to Public Disclosure Programs for Pollution Control?: The Case of Indonesia's PROPER Program
Jorge Garcia, Shakeb Afsah, Thomas Sterner
RFF Discussion Paper EfD 08-12 | March 2008
Morbidity Valuation with a Cessation Lag: Choice Experiments for Public- and Private-Goods Contexts in Japan
Kenshi Itaoka, Alan J. Krupnick, Ava Saito, Makoto Akai
RFF Discussion Paper 07-07 | July 2007
32 items found
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