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Filtered by Timothy J. Brennan
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Catalysts for Conservation: Exploring Behavioral Science Insights for Natural Resource Investments
P. Lynn Scarlett, James W. Boyd, Anna Brittain, Leonard A. Shabman, Timothy J. Brennan
RFF Report | September 2013
The Best of Common Resources
Nathan Richardson, Alan J. Krupnick, Daniel F. Morris, Hal Gordon, Clayton Munnings, Heather L. Ross, Raymond J. Kopp, Timothy J. Brennan, Margaret A. Walls, James W. Boyd
Resources | 2013 (Digital Issue)
Considering a US Carbon Tax: Frequently Asked Questions
Joseph E. Aldy, Timothy J. Brennan, Dallas Burtraw, Jared Carbone, Carolyn Fischer, Robert Kopp, Molly K. Macauley, Richard D. Morgenstern, Daniel F. Morris, Karen L. Palmer, Anthony Paul, Nathan Richardson, Roberton C. Williams III
Resources | 2013 (Digital Issue)
Holding Distribution Utilities Liable for Outage Costs: An Economic Look
Timothy J. Brennan
RFF Discussion Paper 13-16 | July 2013
Inside RFF: A Look at What's Happening
Timothy J. Brennan, P. Lynn Scarlett, Molly K. Macauley
Resources | 2013 (183)
Inside RFF
Jintao Xu, Karen L. Palmer, Sheila M. Olmstead, Richard D. Morgenstern, Allen Blackman, Juha V. Siikamäki, Timothy J. Brennan, P. Lynn Scarlett, James N. Sanchirico, Yusuke Kuwayama , Antung Anthony Liu, C. Boyden Gray
Resources | 2013 (182)
Prizes, Patents and Technology Procurement: A Proposed Analytical Framework
Timothy J. Brennan, Molly K. Macauley, Kate Whitefoot
RFF Discussion Paper 11-21-REV | December 2012
Putting a Floor on Energy Savings: Comparing State Energy Efficiency Resource Standards
Karen L. Palmer, Samuel Grausz, Blair Beasley, Timothy J. Brennan
RFF Discussion Paper 12-11 | February 2012
Energy Efficiency Resource Standards: Economics and Policy
Timothy J. Brennan, Karen L. Palmer
RFF Discussion Paper 12-10 | February 2012
The Supply Chain and Industrial Organization of Rare Earth Materials: Implications for the U.S. Wind Energy Sector
Jhih-Shyang Shih, Joshua Linn, Timothy J. Brennan, Joel Darmstadter, Molly K. Macauley, Louis Preonas
RFF Report | February 2012
Energy Efficiency Policy: Surveying the Puzzles
Timothy J. Brennan
RFF Discussion Paper 11-27 | July 2011
Who Bears the Long-Term Costs of Stricter Anti-Spill Policy? It’s Not Who You Think
Timothy J. Brennan
Backgrounder | August 2010
Public-Private Co-Production of Risk: Government Indemnification of the Commercial Space Launch Industry
Tim Brennan, Carolyn Kousky, and Molly Macauley
Risk, Hazards & Crisis in Public Policy | 2010 | Vol. 1, Issue 1 | Article 7 | Related Discussion Paper 09-38
More Than a Wing and a Prayer: Government Indemnification of the Commercial Space Launch Industry
Timothy J. Brennan, Carolyn Kousky, Molly K. Macauley
RFF Discussion Paper 09-38 | September 2009
Related journal article
The Challenges of Climate for Energy Markets
Timothy J. Brennan
RFF Discussion Paper 09-32 | September 2009
Energy Efficiency: Efficiency or Monopsony?
Timothy J. Brennan
RFF Discussion Paper 09-20 | May 2009
Optimal Energy Efficiency Policies and Regulatory Demand-Side Management Tests: How Well Do They Match?
Timothy J. Brennan
RFF Discussion Paper 08-46 | January 2009
Is the Benefit of Reserve Requirements in the “Reserve” or the “Requirement”?
Timothy J. Brennan
RFF Discussion Paper 08-33 | September 2008
“Night of the Living Dead” or “Back to the Future”? Electric Utility Decoupling, Reviving Rate-of-Return Regulation, and Energy Efficiency
Timothy J. Brennan
RFF Discussion Paper 08-27 | August 2008
Electricity Markets and Energy Security: Friends or Foes?
Timothy J. Brennan
Resources | Fall/Winter 2008 (167)
138 items found
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