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Managing shoreline retreat: a US perspective
Carolyn Kousky
Climatic Change | March 2014
Gasoline Taxes and Consumer Behavior
Shanjun Li, Joshua Linn, and Erich Muehlegger
American Economic Journal: Economic Policy
Regulating Greenhouse Gases in the Electricity Sector under the Clean Air Act
Joshua Linn, Erin Mastrangelo, and Dallas Burtraw
Journal of the Association for Environmental and Resource Economics | Related Discussion Paper 13-05
Does a Realistic Model of the Electricity Grid Matter? Estimating the Impacts of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
Daniel L. Shawhan, John T. Taber, Di Shi, Ray D. Zimmerman, Jubo Yan, et. al
Resource and Energy Economics | January 2014 | Volume 36, Issue 1 | pp. 191-207
Blue Carbon: Coastal Ecosystems, Their Carbon Storage, and Potential for Reducing Emissions
Juha Siikamaki, James N. Sanchirico, Sunny Jardine, David McLaughlin, and Daniel Morris
Environment | November/December 2013
A Simultaneous Perturbation Approach for Solving Economic Dispatch Problems with Emission, Storage, and Network Constraints
Yu Xia, Scott G. Ghiocel, Daniel Dotta, Daniel Shawhan, Andrew Kindle, and Joe H. Chow
IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid | Forthcoming
Optimal Generation Investment Planning: Part 1: Network Equivalents
D. Shi, D. Shawhan, N. Li, D. J. Tylavsky, J. Taber, R. Zimmerman
North American Power Symposium 2012 | September 2012 | pp. 1-6
Optimal Generation Investment Planning: Part 2: Application to the ERCOT System
N. Li, D. Shi, D. Shawhan, D. J. Tylavsky, J. Taber, R. Zimmerman
North American Power Symposium 2012 | September 2013 | pp. 1-6
An Experimental Test of Automatic Mitigation of Wholesale Electricity Prices
Daniel L. Shawhan, Kent D. Messer, William D. Schulze, and Richard E. Schuler
International Journal of Industrial Organization | 29 | (2011) 46-53
An Empirical Test for Inter-State Carbon-Dioxide Emissions Leakage Resulting from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
Andrew Kindle, Daniel Shawhan, and Michael Swider
New York Independent System Operator | April 2011
Is Time Inconsistency Primarily a Male Problem?
Jeffrey Prince and Daniel Shawhan
Applied Economics Letters | April 2011 | Volume 18, Issue 6 | pp. 501-504
Informing Climate Adaptation: A Review of the Economic Costs of Natural Disasters Energy Economics
Carolyn Kousky
Energy Economics | Related Discussion Paper 12-28
Who Has the Right Alcohol Taxes: Europe or the United States?
Ian Parry, Evan Herrnstadt, and Juha Siikamaki
International Tax and Public Finance | In press
Facts about FEMA Household Disaster Aid: Examining the 2008 Floods and Tornadoes in Missouri
Carolyn Kousky
Weather, Climate, and Society
Finding Sensitivity to Scope in Nonmarket Valuation
Juha V. Siikamaki and Douglas M. Larson
Journal of Applied Econometrics | forthcoming
Reliability in the Electricity Industry under New Environmental Regulations
Dallas Burtraw, Karen L. Palmer, Anthony Paul, Blair Beasley, and Matthew Woerman
Energy Policy | forthcoming | Related Discussion Paper 12-18
Economic Ideas for a Complex Climate Policy Regime
Dallas Burtraw and Matt Woerman
Energy Economics | forthcoming | Related Discussion Paper 13-03-REV2
The Institutional Blind Spot in Environmental Economics
Dallas Burtraw
Daedalus | Vol 142, No. 1. | pp.110-118 | Related Discussion Paper 12-41
Flexible Mandates for Investment in New Technology
Dalia Patino Echeverri, Dallas Burtraw and Karen Palmer
Journal of Regulatory Economics | forthcoming | Related Discussion Paper 12-14
Assessing the U.S. Oil Security Premium
Stephen P.A. Brown, Hillard G. Huntington
Energy Economics | July 2013 | Volume 38 | pp. 118-127
1503 items found
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