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Water Policy, Tourism, and Recreation
Lin Crase and Suzanne O'Keefe, editors
RFF Press | May 2011
Agricultural Investment and Productivity
Randall A. Bluffstone and Gunnar Kohlin, editors
RFF Press | April 2011
Florida's Water
Tom Swihart
RFF Press | May 2011
Water Policy in Minnesota
K. William Easter and Jim Perry, editors
RFF Press | April 2011
Harnessing Renewable Energy in Electric Power Systems
Edited by Boaz Moselle, Jorge Padilla and Richard Schmalensee
RFF Press | 08/25/2010
Issues of the Day
Ian W.H. Parry and Felicia Day, eds.
RFF Press | April 2010
Water Policy in Texas
Ronald C. Griffin, ed.
RFF Press | September 2010
Conserving Data in the Conservation Reserve
RFF Press | February 2010
The Reality of Precaution
Edited by Jonathan B. Wiener, Michael D. Rogers, James K. Hammitt, and Peter H. Sand
RFF Press | December 2010
Finders Keepers?
RFF Press | August 2010
Reforming Regulatory Impact Analysis
Winston Harrington, Lisa Heinzerling, and Richard D. Morgenstern, editors
RFF Press | July 2009
Governing Uncertainty: Environmental Regulation in the Age of Nanotechnology
Christopher Bosso, editor
RFF Press | February 2010
Good Cop/Bad Cop
Thomas P. Lyon, editor
RFF Press | February 2010
Economic Analysis for Ecosystem-Based Management: Applications to Marine and Coastal Environments
Daniel S. Holland, James N. Sanchirico, Robert J. Johnston and Deepak Joglekar
RFF Press | February 2010
Water Policy in the Netherlands
Stijn Reinhard and Henk Folmer, editors
RFF Press | June 2009
Negotiating Environment and Science
Richard J. Smith
RFF Press | October 2009
The Emergence of Land Markets in Africa
Stein T. Holden, Keijiro Otsuka, and Frank M. Place, editors
Environment for Development | December 2008
Smog Check
Douglas S. Eisinger
RFF Press | 09/15/2010
Taming the Anarchy: Groundwater Governance in South Asia
Tushaar Shah
A copublication with the International Water Management Institute (IWMI). | December 2008
Forest Community Connections
Ellen M. Donoghue and Victoria E. Sturtevant
RFF Press | Available August 2008
455 items found
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