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Macroeconomic effects of carbon taxes
Casey J. Wichman (with Roberton C. Williams III)
Implementing a US Carbon Tax: Challenges and Debates | Ian Parry, Adele Morris, Roberton C. Williams | Routledge | 2015
Deposit-Refund Systems in Practice and Theory
Margaret Walls
Encyclopedia of Energy, Natural Resource, and Environmental Economics, Vol. 3 | J.F. Shogren | Amsterdam: Elsevier | 2013
Land Use Policies in the United States for Protecting Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
Margaret Walls and Anne Riddle
Encyclopedia of Energy, Natural Resource, and Environmental Economics, Vol. 3 | J.F. Shogren, ed. | Amsterdam: Elsevier | 2013
Terrestrial Fluxes of Sediments and Nutrients to Pacific Coastal Waters and Their Effects on Coastal Carbon Storage Rates
Bergamaschi, Brian A., Richard A. Smith, Michael J. Sauer, and Jhih-Shyang Shih
Baseline and Projected Future Carbon Storage and Greenhouse-Gas Fluxes in Ecosystems of the Western United States | Zhiliang Zhu and B.C. Reed, eds. | Reston, VA: U.S. Geological Survey | 2012
Earth Observations and Space Strategy
Molly K. Macauley
Space Strategy in the 21st Century | Eligar Sadeh | New York: Routledge | 2013
The Value of Information in a Risk Management Approach to Climate Change
Carolyn Kousky and Roger Cooke
The Value of Information: Methodological Frontiers and New Applications in Environment and Health | R. Laxminarayan and M. K. Macauley, eds | New York City: Springer | 2012
“Biomass Sequestration, Energy and Global Change,”
Roger Sedjo
International Yearbook of Environmental and Resource Economics | H. Folmer and T. Tietenberg, eds. | Edward Elgar | 2010
Monitoring and Enforcement of Climate Policy
Hilary Sigman
The Design and Implementation of U.S. Climate Policy | Don Fullerton and Catherine Wolfram, eds. | Chicago: University of Chicago Press | 2011
Price Discovery in Emissions Permit Auctions
Dallas Burtraw, Jacob Goeree, Charles Holt, Erica Myers, Karen Palmer, William Shobe
Experiments on Energy, the Environment and Sustainability. Series Title: Research in Experimental Economics, Volume 14 | R. Mark Isaac, Douglas A. Norton | Bingley, United Kingdom: Emerald Group Publishing Limited | 2011
The Role of Market Incentives in Environmental Policy
Sheila Olmstead
Oxford Handbook of U.S. Environmental Policy | Sheldon Kamieniecki and Michael E. Kraft, eds. | Cambridge, UK: Oxford University Press | forthcoming
Incorporating ecosystem services in decisions
McKenzie, E., Irwin, F., Ranganathan, J., Hanson, C., Kousky, C., Bennett, K., Ruffo, S., Conte, M., Salzman, J., Paavola, J.
Natural Capital: Theory and Practice of Mapping Ecosystem Services | Kareiva, P., Tallis, H., Ricketts, T. H., Daily, G. C, Polasky, S, eds | Oxford University Press | 2011
The Limits of Securitization: Micro-correlations, Fat Tails and Tail Dependence
C. Kousky and R.M. Cooke
Rethinking Risk Measurement and Reporting: Volume I | Klaus Boecker (ed) | London: Risk Books | 2011
Making the case for new empirical research in wildfire economics and policy
Carolyn Kousky, Sheila Olmstead, and Roger Sedjo
Dean Lueck and Karen Bradshaw | Washington, DC: Resources for the Future | 2011
Distributional Impacts of Carbon Pricing Policies in the Electricity Sector
Dallas Burtraw, Margaret Walls and Joshua Blonz
U.S. Energy Tax Policy | Gilbert E. Metcalf, ed. | Cambridge University Press | 2010
Distributional Impacts of Carbon Pricing Policies in the Electricity Sector
Dallas Burtraw, Margaret Walls and Joshua Blonz
U.S. Energy Tax Policy | Gilbert E. Metcalf | Cambridge: Cambridge University Press | 2010
U.S. Emissions Trading Markets for SO2 and NOx
Dallas Burtraw and Sarah Jo Szambelan
Permit Trading in Different Applications | Bernd Hansjürgens | New York: Routledge | 2010
Applying market principles to environmental policy
Sheila M. Olmstead
Environmental Policy: New Directions for the Twenty-First Century, 7th edition | Norman J. Vig and Michael E. Kraft, eds. | Washington, DC: Congressional Quarterly Press | 2010
Models for Demography of Plant Populations
Clark, J.S., D. Bell, M. Dietze, M. Hersh, I. Ibanez, S. LaDeau, S. McMahon, J. Metcalf, E. Moran, L. Pangle, M. Wolosin.
The Oxford Handbook of Applied Bayesian Analysis | A. O’Hagan, M. West | Oxford University Press | 2010
Earth Observations in a National Space Strategy
Molly K. Macauley
Space Strategy | Eligar Sadeh | NY, NY: Routledge | 2011
Compensation for Electricity Consumers Under a US CO2 Emissions Cap
Anthony Paul, Dallas Burtraw and Karen Palmer
Reforming Rules and Regulations: Laws, Institutions and Implementation | Vivek Ghosal | Cambridge MA: MIT Press | 2010
494 items found
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