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Subtopic: Uncertainty 7 items found
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Climate Policy’s Uncertain Outcomes for Households
RFF researchers analyze allowance allocation provisions of the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade legislation, finding significant cost uncertainty regarding emissions reductions and energy efficiency gains.
Event: Extreme Weather and Climate Change
A panel of experts discusses how climate change will increase the risk of extreme weather events and the role of regulators, government, and the insurance industry in responding to this challenge. Video available
Assessing Risk via Expert Elicitation
Nature magazine highlights RFF Senior Fellow Roger Cooke’s use of expert elicitation, and recommends that it be used in gauging climate change risks.
Will Global Warming Discount Rates Short-Change Our Grandkids?
Commentary: Oxford's Cameron Hepburn considers the role of ethics in calculating discount rates for global warming damages to future generations and how to reconcile differing views in the debate.
A Tax-Based Approach to Slowing Global Climate Change
New research by RFF Fellow Joseph Aldy and Senior Fellow Ian Parry, together with Eduardo Ley of The World Bank, shows that a strong case can be made for carbon taxes over a cap-and-trade system on uncertainty, fiscal, and distributional grounds, though this critically hinges on policy specifics and how revenues are used.
RFF Scholars Awarded Prize for Economics of Climate Change
Richard Newell and William Pizer have been awarded the Petry Research Prize for the Economics of Climate Change by the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists.
Flying in the Face of Uncertainty
Senior Fellow Molly Macauley reflects on the launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery.
7 items found
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