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Subtopic: Sustainable development 11 items found
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Resources Magazine: Population and Sustainability
Pennsylvania State University professor Warren C. Robinson explains how changes in the demographic processes — fertility, mortality, and migration — affect the prospect of sustainable global economic development in the latest Resources magazine.
Does Eco-Certification Pay? Costa Rica’s Blue Flag Program
RFF Senior Fellow Allen Blackman and his colleagues present some of the first evidence that eco-certification programs in developing countries can have positive impacts for both the economy and environment.
Can Infill Development Stonewall Sprawl?
Building up existing urban areas is a cornerstone of modern “smart growth” policies, but it has proven more difficult to implement than proponents envisioned.
Balancing Conservation and Development
New research highlights the economics of critical developing world issues such as deforestation and water supply.
Biofuel from Wood: Caveats to Consider
Efforts to supplement gasoline with cellulosic ethanol are analyzed by Roger Sedjo and Brent Sohngen, who warn of economic dislocations that could result under existing targets set by Congress.
Should Cap-and-Trade Systems be Supplemented with Renewable Portfolio Standards?
Christoph Böhringer and Knut Einar Rosendahl discuss how renewable portfolio standards affect the costs of emissions control programs, whether or not there is an economic justification for these policies, and, if implemented, how these policies should be designed.
Markets for Forest Carbon: New Research Announced
A project to support the integration of forestry policy into emerging global greenhouse gas emissions markets has been launched by RFF. The work holds promise for future international climate agreements efforts to maximize sustainable development around the world.
Perspectives on Sustainable Resources in America
A new RFF Press book, edited by RFF Senior Fellow Roger Sedjo, provides readers with current perspectives on the challenges involved in managing America’s natural resources, in light of the increasing emphasis on sustainability and ecosystem approaches to management.
Generating Electricity in a Carbon-Constrained World
At an RFF Policy Leadership Forum, Steve Specker, President and CEO of the Electric Power Research Institute, discusses electricity-generation technologies and investment decisions in light of ongoing efforts to curb emissions of greenhouse gases.
Scarcity and Growth Revisited
This fresh investigation of the RFF classic considers the implications of resource scarcity on economic growth, human well-being, and environmental sustainability in the new millennium.
Siren Song: Chilean Water Law
Fellow Carl Bauer discusses the economics of water, using the Chilean model to illustrate the ways in which the free-market approach often fails to address the important, long-term goals of environmental sustainability and social equity.
11 items found
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