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Subtopic: Food safety 8 items found
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Superior Salmon?
As the Food and Drug Administration nears approval of the sale of genetically engineered salmon to American consumers, RFF Visiting Scholar Randall Lutter analyzes the surge of new kinds of fish and meat products – and the agency’s plans to regulate their labeling.
Moving Toward Global Risk-Based Food Safety Policies
In the lead editorial of Risk Analysis, RFF Fellow Sandra Hoffmann introduces a special edition on risk ranking to help ensure safer foods around the world.
A Shopping List for America’s Riskiest Foods
Resources Magazine: Foodborne illness can be blamed on a surprisingly small number of foods and pathogens, according to a new study.
Utilizing Geomapping Technologies
An RFF seminar showcases satellite images of Earth coupled with spatial data that is providing new insights into environmental trends – from climate change to public health to ecosystem management.
Food Safety: Challenges to the System
Experts in regulating food safety at an RFF First Wednesday Seminar discuss recent food scares and strategies to strengthen the food safety network and protect public health.
Tending the Fields: State & Federal Roles In the Oversight of Genetically Modified Crops
In a new report, released by the Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology, RFF Researchers Michael Taylor, Jody Tick and Diane Sherman examine the issues that states are confronting in the oversight of biotech crops and foods.
"The politics of American food safety"
The USDA was given a political blank check to impose new controls on the beef industry, after one domestic case of mad cow disease was discovered.
Food Safety Research Consortium
RFF and other leading research institutions begin their efforts to develop tools for a more science- and risk-based food safety system.
8 items found
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