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The Controversy over US Coal Exports
In a new Resources magazine article, RFF Senior Fellow Joel Darmstadter looks at why American coal is embroiled in controversy—both political and ‪‎environmental‬—over plans to serve foreign markets, most notably in China and India.
Mercury and Air Toxics Standards Analysis Deconstructed: Changing Assumptions, Changing Results
EPA regulations on mercury and other air pollutants currently under review are the subject of much debate for their potential costs and impacts on the electricity industry. In a new discussion paper, a team of RFF experts examines the assumptions behind several studies that have analyzed the potential effects of the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards, finding that the impacts may be less rigid and less uncertain than suggested by some models.
The Hidden Costs of Power: Health Effects of Coal Electricity Generation in India
Resources magazine: Emissions of particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides from coal-fired power plants are costing Indians their lives. How stringently should these pollutants be regulated, and what form should regulations take?
Natural Resource Scarcity and the Fear of “Resource Wars”
As Congress continues to debate the causes and effects of higher oil prices, RFF Senior Fellow Joel Darmstadter reviews lessons learned about how the perceived scarcity of natural resources—for example, oil, copper, and rare earths—may cloud some countries’ hope for a robust economic future.
RFF Policy Leadership Forum: John Rowe
The Exelon CEO discussed recent trends affecting the relative cost-effectiveness of different strategies for reducing emissions from the power sector.
How Will EPA Regulate Greenhouse Gases?
Under the Clean Air Act, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency can regulate emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. An analysis by RFF researchers examines how the government will manage oversight of power plants and other stationary sources of emissions.
Climate Change Abatement: Not "Stern" Enough?
In this week's commentary Dallas Burtraw and Thomas Sterner discuss whether moderate or aggressive action to reduce greenhouse gases is warranted on economic grounds.
Coal within a Revised Energy Perspective
Senior Fellow Joel Darmstadter ponders the consequences for coal given recent energy market upheavals.
Addressing the Mercury Problem: Global Challenge, Local Impact?
Alongside carbon dioxide, NOX, and SO2, mercury is the fourth key target pollutant of coal-burning electrical power plants that might be subject to regulation pending the outcome of current congressional debate.
Securing Our Future: The Economics and Ecology of Coal.
James Rogers, Chairman and CEO of Cinergy, speaks at the RFF Policy Leadership Forum on May 18.
10 items found
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