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Subtopic: Benefit-Cost Analysis 7 items found
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The Hidden Costs of Power: Health Effects of Coal Electricity Generation in India
Resources magazine: Emissions of particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides from coal-fired power plants are costing Indians their lives. How stringently should these pollutants be regulated, and what form should regulations take?
The Case for Higher Fuel Taxes
Increasing taxes on gasoline and diesel to more than $1 a gallon would produce multiple benefits, according to a new paper by Ian Parry.
Oil Spills: The Deterrent Effects of Monitoring, Enforcement, and Public Information
In this week's commentary, Mark Cohen discusses the appropriate role of deterrence, monitoring, and targeted enforcement policies in reducing the frequency and size of oil discharges in a cost-effective way.
Climate Change Abatement: Not "Stern" Enough?
In this week's commentary Dallas Burtraw and Thomas Sterner discuss whether moderate or aggressive action to reduce greenhouse gases is warranted on economic grounds.
Revamping Regulation
An RFF workshop bringing together government officials, economists, and legal experts launches an initiative to examine potential reforms to traditional benefit-cost analysis that would respond to concerns of critics.
The Stern Review and the Economic Analysis of Climate Change
Members of the Stern Review team and outside experts discuss the first major government-sponsored benefit-cost analysis of climate change at this seminar.
Reality Check: Voluntary Environmental Programs
This seminar, based on a new RFF Press book, explores the value and cost-effectiveness of voluntary approaches, with an eye toward improving policymaking in the United States and abroad. (Video forthcoming)
7 items found
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