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Subtopic: Asia 6 items found
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Measuring the Costs of Air Pollution in China
Resources Magazine: China’s booming growth has also brought rapidly rising air pollution. A new study finds that reductions in pollution could save hundreds of thousands of lives.
Climate Change in the Developing World
Rosina Bierbaum says developing countries can’t afford to ignore climate change, and developed nations must aid poorer nations with financing and technology. The three essentials: Act now, act together, and act differently.
Utilizing Geomapping Technologies
An RFF seminar showcases satellite images of Earth coupled with spatial data that is providing new insights into environmental trends – from climate change to public health to ecosystem management.
Climate Policy in the U.S. and Japan: Prospects in 2005 and Beyond
An RFF and IGES workshop brings U.S. and Japanese experts together to share perspectives and find common ground.
Environmental Challenges in Asia
Resident Scholar Ruth Greenspan Bell testifies before the Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific of the U.S. Congress' International Relations Committee.
Environmental Power to the People in Asia
Resident Scholar Ruth Greenspan Bell and Barbara Finamore of the National Resources Defense Council convene a meeting of Asian practitioners to share experiences and examine the growing trend toward environmental public participation.
6 items found
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