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superbug threat
Government action needed to combat threat of superbugs, say Fellow Ramanan Laxminarayan and Amazon Conservation Team President Mark Plotkin in the Washington Post.
Facing Challenges: the Environmental Protection Agency
RFF President and Senior Fellow Paul Portney comments on the issues faced by EPA following the resignation of EPA Administrator Christie Whitman.
Food Safety Research Consortium
RFF and other leading research institutions begin their efforts to develop tools for a more science- and risk-based food safety system.
Electricity Markets and Public Policy
RFF Senior Fellows Timothy Brennan and Karen Palmer analyze U.S. electricity markets and policy.
Transforming Our Perception of Fuel Economy: from MPG to Gallons per 100 Miles
Senior Fellow Carolyn Fischer makes the case for switching the nation’s fuel economy metric from miles per gallon to gallons per 100 miles in a new Issue Brief, arguing there is much to be gained from abandoning miles per gallon, including making CAFE credit trading simpler.
Certifying Eco-Sustainability: Identifying what Works
A just-published report assesses efforts to certify farms and companies that adhere to acceptable environmental values around the world.
China and Climate: Is the Past Prologue?
Future global climate policies will be swayed heavily by China’s role as a major contributor of carbon emissions. A new examination of recent Chinese–U.S. engagement provides useful clues to how the world’s largest nation intends to proceed on climate change.
Coffee Eco-certification: A Boon for the Environment?
Advocates claim that eco-certification of coffee, which is increasingly common, discourages growing practices that pollute water and degrade soil and biodiversity. A new RFF Discussion Paper assesses whether a Costa Rican certification program actually has such benefits.
Center for Study of Disease Becomes Separate Entity
The Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy, formerly a research unit of Resources for the Future, has announced its independent founding and launched a new website.
Evaluating Domestic Climate Policy Options
Cap and trade is off the table for now but concern over U.S. GHG emissions remains. Senior Fellow Ray Kopp gives an overview of the proposals and actions that are now in play.
570 items found
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