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From SO2 to Greenhouse Gases: Trends and Events Shaping Future Emissions Trading Programs in the U.S.
Visiting Scholar Joseph Kruger examines the differences between the existing American program to control sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions and proposed greenhouse gas trading programs that use it as a model.
Taking Risks on the Space Frontier
In the new issue of Resources, Senior Fellow Molly Macauley explores how human risk in space activities should be approached and managed.
The Future of Petroleum
An Energy 2050 policy briefing explores the policy issues surrounding the United States' continued dependence on petroleum.
Barack Obama Suggests Strategies To Secure America's Energy Future
Senator Obama proposes the U.S. government partially finance automakers' healthcare costs in exchange for investments in fuel-saving technologies.
New from RFF Press
The Winter 2006 Catalog is now available for download.
The Energy Marathon: What Has Congress Wrought?
Visiting Scholar Robert Fri reviews the state of American energy policy in the wake of the new Energy Bill that President Bush signed into law on August 8th.
Climate Policy in the U.S. and Japan: Prospects in 2005 and Beyond
An RFF and IGES workshop brings U.S. and Japanese experts together to share perspectives and find common ground.
Antimicrobial Resistance in Developing Countries
In The Lancet Infectious Diseases, Fellow Ramanan Laxminarayan and colleagues describe recent trends and the current status of resistance to antimicrobial drugs in developing countries and address measures to counter this problem.
The Complex Forest: Communities, Uncertainty, and Adaptive Collaborative Management
In a new book from RFF Press, Carol J. Pierce Colfer examines the theory, processes, and early outcomes of a research and management approach called adaptive collaborative management (ACM).
Ecosystem Services and Government Accountability: The Need for a New Way of Judging Nature's Value
Senior Fellow James Boyd and Fellow Spencer Banzhaf call for the development of a rigorous system to measure ecosystem benefits.
Allocation of CO2 Emissions Allowances in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Cap-and-Trade Program
RFF Researchers examine the economic consequences of different methods for allocating emissions permits under RGGI, an initiative of nine northeastern states that could eventually serve as a model for a national cap-and-trade program.
Flying in the Face of Uncertainty
Senior Fellow Molly Macauley reflects on the launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery.
Scarcity and Growth Revisited
This fresh investigation of the RFF classic considers the implications of resource scarcity on economic growth, human well-being, and environmental sustainability in the new millennium.
Think Tank Leader's Principled Wisdom Will Be Missed
The Washington Post columnist Steven Pearlstein reflects on the departure of RFF President Paul Portney.
Spurring Creativity: A Role for Prizes in Climate Change?
In certain circumstances, with proper research and design, prizes offered by public agencies as well as private firms or foundations could induce innovations that reduce greenhouse gases.
Directions to Solutions: A Decade of Institutional Controls - What Has Been Accomplished?
Senior Fellow Kate Probst reflects on efforts to document and monitor enforcement of institutional controls at Superfund sites.
What Do Developers Want?
A recent study on private investment in contaminated property by Fellow Kris Wernstedt, Peter B. Meyer of the University of Louisville, and Anna Alberini of the University of Maryland suggests that private developers place a very high value on relief from third party liability.
Managing Problems That Won't Go Away
The June First Wednesday Seminar explores the pitfalls encountered when applying familiar regulatory tools to issues like Yucca Mountain, cleanup of Department of Energy nuclear production facilities, and Superfund and discusses alternative approaches to policy design.
Europe Goes to Market: Opportunities and Challenges with a Trail Blazing Trading System.
Visiting Scholar Joe Kruger and Fellow Billy Pizer review the new European Emissons Trading System based on U.S. experience.
Making Sense of Proposed Multipollutant Regulations and Legislation
RFF researchers assess current multipollutant legislation and the McCain-Lieberman proposal to address climate change.
570 items found
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