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Keeping the C in the CRP: How Well Does the Conservation Reserve Program Work?
RFF First Wednesday Seminar
Image: Ellen Walter, Resources for the FutureOctober 6, 2010

Encompassing over 30 million acres, the U.S. Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) is the largest land preservation program in the United States. As it generates conservation payments for more than 400,000 farms, the CRP also prompts many questions about the design and efficacy of environmental policy. How have changes in the way information is gathered and provided affected CRP operations? What do we know about the environmental impacts of the CRP? And how are conservation payments likely to fare in future farm spending debates?


Audio and Video
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Agenda and Bios
Phil Sharp, President, Resources for the Future
Phil Sharp


Roberton C. Williams III, Senior Fellow and Director, Academic Programs, Resources For the Future


Shawn Bucholtz, Director of Housing and Demographic Analysis Divsion, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development; former Chief of Planning and Analysis, Conservation and Environmental Programs Division, Farm Service Agency

Roger Cooke

James Hamilton, Charles S. Sydnor Professor of Public Policy, Duke University

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