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Greenhouse Gas Regulation for Power Plants under the Clean Air Act
An RFF First Wednesday Seminar
December 7, 2011

About the Event(L-R) Nathan Richardson and Dallas Burtraw.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) may soon propose Clean Air Act rules regulating the largest class of greenhouse gas emitters: coal-fired power plants. With climate policy off the congressional agenda, these and other rules under the act have taken center stage in the formulation of US policy for limiting carbon emissions. But what will the rules for coal plants look like? Will they include market-based mechanisms? How expensive will they be, and on whom will those costs fall most heavily? How will they work with existing state-level programs like those in California and the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic? These questions have been the focus of research at RFF and elsewhere over the past year that has aimed to both understand what EPA may do and provide input into the agency’s decisionmaking process.

This RFF First Wednesday seminar presented some of the results of this research, along with a broader discussion of the Clean Air Act as a pathway for climate policy.


Nathan Richardson, Resident Scholar, Resources for the Future
Download Presentation (PDF)


Joshua Linn, Fellow, Resources for the Future
Download Presentation (PDF)

Art Fraas, Visiting Scholar, Resources for the Future
Download Presentation (PDF)

Dallas Burtraw, Darius Gaskins Senior Fellow, Resources for the Future
Download Presentation (PDF)


William L. Wehrum
, Partner, Hunton and Williams, LLP

Brian McLean
, former Director, EPA Office of Atmospheric Programs

Audio and Video
Event Audio (mp3) click to stream and right-click to download

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