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Subtopic: Clean water 
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Regulatory Impacts on the US Electricity Sector: A Modeling Workshop 
July 19, 2012
Event Type: Conference
Related Topics: Electricity, Policy and Analysis
Water Conflicts and Resolution: Economy vs. Environment?  
March 2, 2011
Event Type: First Wednesday Seminar
Related Topics: Policy and Analysis, Water
Coming Clean: An Economic Perspective on Water Quality Policy  
June 2, 2010
Event Type: First Wednesday Seminar
Related Topics: Water, Policy and Analysis
Seventh Annual Hans Landsberg Lecture with Rosina Bierbaum: The Changing Climate for Development  
December 15, 2009
Event Type: Seminar
Related Topics: Development and Environment, Climate, International
Adapting to a Changing Climate: Reforming Institutions and Managing for Extremes 
April 1, 2009
Event Type: First Wednesday Seminar
Related Topics: Climate, Development and Environment, Ecosystems, Policy and Analysis, Water
Societal, Environmental Implications of Alt. Agricultural Futures 
June 15, 2007
Don Scavia, University of Michigan; Joan Nassauer, University of Michigan; Mary Santleman, Oregon State University; Scott Faber, Farm Policy Campaign Director, Environmental Defense
Event Type: Conference
Related Topics: Ecosystems, Food and Agriculture
Stephen L. Johnson U.S. EPA Administrator - RFF Policy Leadership Forum
April 10, 2007
Stephen L. Johnson, Adminstrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Event Type: Policy Leadership Forum
Related Topics: Ecosystems, Policy and Analysis
Addressing the Mercury Problem  
June 15, 2004
Event Type: Conference
Related Topics: Energy, Electricity, Policy and Analysis
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